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I am a French yogi living in Amsterdam for the past seven years.

Yoga to me represents freedom. Freedom to be who you really are deeply, freedom of listening to yourself, freedom to live. As much as the Asanas are a great tool, I think yoga is much more than that. We practice Asanas to stop the fluctuations of the mind. We do not do yoga to get fitter or stronger. This is just a nice present yoga gives us. We do yoga to live. To live fully.


I believe yoga can heal you mentally and physically, and Pranayama and meditation are so important for us. Life can get so busy. But even so, yoga will always be by our side. Forget the world around you. Breath. And let go.

If I could make a definition of yoga, it would be: A wonderful moving philosophy full of love to free up your mind.


I teach Vinyasa Flow Yoga. My classes start by a short meditation, and the introduction of a theme that will go through the class. After that, I use Pranayama exercises, or a simple warm up to connect with the breath. The class goes on with a few sun salutations, followed by (more or less) intense standing flow. The last twenty minutes are dedicated to the floor flow. Ending with a short relaxation: the perfect time to let go, and a great reward for the hard work.


I choose to teach yoga to help people elevate themselves, free themselves, or just look after themselves.

Being generous to my students by sharing my best knowledge.

Yoga is a journey, not an end.


Group Session

Book an hour group session, location may differ depending on the amount of students

Private Session

Book an hour private session, you can choose where you want the lesson to happen



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